A half dead


Hey Pepe said his girlfriend to see that diminished his attention. Attend to what I say: Salva, who is about to cross that door a while ago has raised Sibling middle staircase.

Fragment from the novel entitled The Lone (p. 138).

On the couch


Something that may seem pirula in her mouth funny. Never malrolla my colleague. He is a genius of twenty tacos, only five more than the four we're sitting here on this couch. Want to know why he went crazy for her chick?

Fragment from the novel entitled The Lone (p. 116).

Holiday and hopefully

The old professor, after five consecutive full days and holidays, concludes that it is confusing. It is a Sunday morning when it enters your house on the outskirts of Barcelona. It seems impossible to meet and 11th December 2011 The days fly much faster than before. Turn on an electric stove, the stove lifetime. He sits on his couch, his lifelong couch.

Fragment belonging to the fictionalized memoirs of the series The old teacher